I’ll Try This Thing Again

Writing. Blogging. It has seemed rather pointless the last few weeks for some reason. The world seems to have changed and I haven’t found my focus. It has felt like being a tiny flake in the middle of a shaken snow globe. The election, the inauguration, the aftermath, and 6 weeks sick in Oaxaca, followed by a quick trip through the States and on to a retreat to Australia have rendered me myopic and unfocused. But if I can waste hours a day on Facebook and looking at the news, I had better sharpen my vision and find my voice.

To sort of catch up where I left off some time ago, I have recovered, mostly, and had a couple of weeks to make like a tourist in Oaxaca. This was made easy by the fact that my recovery coincided with Christmas, which Oaxaca seems to expert at. I haven’t many photos, but here are a few:





Oaxaca holds a very unusual festival just before Christmas, on December 23rd. It is the world famous grand radish carving festival. Noche de Rabanos, or Night of the Radishes, fills the zocalo, or town square, with hundreds of competitors carving and displaying dioramas, mostly of either religious scenes or local indigenous life, mostly of radishes, but there are also sections of dried corn husk scenes and dried flowers. The line starts late in the day to walk around and view the offerings, and it actually goes on until 3 in the morning, the next day, Christmas eve, when everything is hauled away, one imagines for pig food and compost.











I’ve survived, and writing this makes me really miss Oaxaca. I am in the midst of applying for Mexican residency, and that helps keep me somewhat focused. I suppose just living a decent life and loving those around me, and not letting the chaos in the US deter me is a form of resistance in itself. There are pockets of joy to be nurtured.


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