Thursday Doors: Oops, On Friday

Has anyone not noticed that when Windows is upgraded, there is a deep collective moan of despair, whereas if you have an Apple upgrade coming, it is like waiting for Christmas? I spent the day yesterday fixing my computer I bought in Peru with a Spanish keyboard and operating system and Windows 10. Yes, well I didn’t fix it myself, I mostly watched as it was all done by a tech here in Oaxaca. Now I have an English operating system in Windows 7.

The only downside was I had my photo programs on the previous system, So now I have new programs and a new learning curve. So it took me a bit to prepare the new photos of doors I took this week here in Oaxaca, Mexico.

door 2 oaxaca.JPG
Very busy carpenter shop in the neighborhood
door oaxaca.JPG
Hip little shop downtown
door 3 oaxaca.JPG
Doors on a derelict building
I wonder what is behind these doors, and what was behind them in the distant past

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