Rainy Sunday morning

Today the air is damp and fetid. A slight cast of urine and funk drifts in with the  breeze. It must have rained during the night, but long ago enough that the ionic rain scent has dissipated, and the ground smells have filtered up. Plenty of birds, of course, but few of my neighbors are out today, though there is not a trace of rain left. Television loud enough to understand the words if I understood the words comes from the house-being-built across the street, and there is no sign of Who. The blue tarp wall hasn’t parted. Yesterday I bought a new bike, and sold the one I bought a couple of months ago. I wanted a bit more control and range for my bike, and, of course, I wanted the frisson of pleasure that comes with something new. I haven’t given it a run yet, so today’s entry will be short.